Step #1: Find The Placement

You can attach a phone charm to any case. The most popular placement is mute button opening on the left side of the phone case.

Step #2: Feeding The Loop

Begin by removing your phone case and looping the string attachment through the opening of your choice. Our phone charm string is designed to be thin enough to not interfere with your case but strong enough to last. 

Step #3: Loop The Phone Charm Through

Pull the string loop through the opening then widen the string enough to fit the beaded side through. Feed the beaded side into the open loop.

Step #4: Tighten

Once the beaded side is completely feed through the open loop, pull the beaded end to ensure a secure fit.

Step #5: Finished!

Your phone charm is ready to use! we recommend to keep tuggung and pulling to a minimum as excessive force can cause the phone charm or phone case to rip.